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BSP's Dr Catalina Turcu wins UCL Sustainability Award

23 July 2020

Dr Catalina Turcu, recipient of the Education Award, has a long history of making sustainability central to UCL education and demonstrating that sustainability is crucial to students’ future careers across a wide range of sectors and industries.

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The UCL Sustainability Awards is an annual event which celebrates the achievements of staff and students across UCL who have made a contribution to UCL's Sustainability agenda. Nominate yourselves, colleagues or friends for an award.

Dr Catalina Turcu designed the Bartlett School of Planning’s Sustainability Specialism programme which introduces sustainability concepts into postgraduate education and provides students with a window into how sustainability can be ‘applied’ to the context of the built environment. Through a city partnering scheme students are exposed to complex and real-life sustainability challenges of large-scale sites to develop long-term (15-20yrs) Sustainable Urban Plans.

Catalina was commended for her dedication to engaging students in sustainability via her programme, which not only improved students’ learning experience, but also allowed them to extend their professional networks and explore future career opportunities.