The Bartlett School of Planning


Social Connectivity and Sustainability: Event Overview

11 December 2019

On 11 November 2019 BSP welcomed Professor Motoo Kusakabe and Dr. Emiko Kusakabe (an alumna of BSP) to give a seminar on their recent work into sustainability.


Motoo presented the Community Carte Survey system that he had devised to provide more in-depth understanding of the risks that people face in their everyday lives and the markers of resilience. Research into English and Japanese cities suggested that resilience was built through self-help, mutual help and social security, and that these were found to be most effective in cities with abundant social capital. Emiko also emphasised the importance of social capital in contributing to social sustainability measures at the urban scale. She gave examples from the regeneration of a historic street in Kyoto, through environmental action around Lake Biwa in Shiga and the innovative Aito Welfare Mall that provides a one-stop shop for food, comfort, company and advice to the elderly.

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