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Congratulations to Dr Kwame Addae-Dapaah for receiving the Red Pen Award

28 June 2017

The American Real Estate Society (ARES) gives recognition awards, including the Red Pen award, at its annual meetings to individuals who have made significant contribution(s) to the Society.

Red Pen Award

The Red Pen Award is given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to any of the six journals, Journal of Real Estate Research, Journal of Housing Research, Journal of Real Estate Literature, Journal of real Estate Portfolio Management, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, and Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, published by ARES.

At the 33rd ARES Annual Meeting held at Coronado (San Diego), California, from 4-8 April 2017, Kwame was presented with the Red Pen Award as an official and public recognition of his overall significant contribution to the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (as an Associate Editor and reviewer, and author).