The Bartlett School of Planning


Planning Students to Take Part in Work Shadow Programme

24 March 2016

Work Shadow Programme

22 Final Year BSc students from the Bartlett School of Planning will be undertaking two-week work shadow placements in a number of major planning organisations throughout the month of May. These placements are organised through the Bartlett School of Planning's work shadow programme and will take place from 10th-24th May.

The work shadow programme aims to give undergraduate students a chance to experience what it is like to work in a sector of the industry that employs people with planning degrees. Students have the opportunity to undertake a two-week placement with a public or private sector organisation in London. Seventeen key employers from across the planning sector - including both private companies and London boroughs - are participating in this year's work shadow programme.

Employers participating in the 2016 Bartlett School of Planning work shadow programme

Careers Workshops

The two-week work shadow experience is bookended by two half-day workshops at UCL jointly run by the school's careers tutor Dr Tse-Hui Teh and Ms Patrice Ware as consultant from the UCL careers service. The first workshop covers transferable skills to the work place from students' previous experiences; professional and workplace etiquette; and goal setting. The second workshop shares the diverse work shadow experiences from the student cohort; opportunities that arose; and reflections on the next steps of career development.