The Bartlett School of Planning


Urban Skills Portal launched

30 October 2015

Urban Skills Portal

Prof. Matthew Carmona of The Bartlett School of Planning has launched the Urban Skills Portal, a UCLExtend online learning environment which brings design, graphic and urban analysis tools to built environment professionals and students.

Developed in partnership with Architecture+DesignScotlans, the portal is built around a set of self-taught online exercises designed to help students and professionals who have no previous design, graphics or urban analytical experience, familiarise with graphic and design skills and to work with industry-standard software packages and open-source alternatives.

Courses and exercises are specifically designed to meet the needs of those studying and working in the built environment professions. "Professionals who master graphics will design and plan more creatively. They will communicate their ideas more effectively. And they will be the ones who have the most positive impact on our rapidly changing towns and cities". All courses are free for anyone who holds a UCL ID.

N.B. the Urban Skills Portal was replaced with the Graphic Skills Portal in 2022.