The Bartlett School of Planning


Simonetta Tunesi Argues for Integrated Waste Management

20 October 2015

Forum Rifiuti

Simonetta Tunesi, Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Bartlett School of Planning, spoke at the annual Waste Forum organised by the Italian NGO, Legambiente on 8th October 2015 in Rome. 

This event brings together representatives from civil society, the industrial world, government and the research community to discuss waste management and circular economy best-practices. 

Simonetta focussed on global impact of ‘hidden wastes’ and discussed the appropriate tools of waste management. She argued for the need to reduce the export of wastes due to the associated health and environmental impacts, particularly in countries where environmental legislation is weak and controls are not fully implemented. 

The presentation underlined the need to apply an innovative planning method to develop integrated waste management systems in Europe, as this would increase in the capability of European countries to deal with their own waste, including electronic wastes.