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TfL names London Overground train in honour of Sir Peter Hall

30 April 2015

Sir Peter Hall train dedication

In recognition of his contribution to London's transport infrastructure, Transport for London has dedicated a London Overground train in honour of the late Sir Peter Hall. 

To mark this occasion a naming ceremony was held at Richmond Station on Thursday 30th April to dedicate the train and allow Sir Peter's friends and colleagues to commemorate his life and work.   

Amidst a gathering of guests from UCL and TfL, the train was inaugurated with a plaque bearing Sir Peter's name, and a matching plaque was presented to Sir Peter's wife Lady Magda Hall. Following the ceremony the train was entered into service and those present embarked on its very first public ride across London.

'Professor Sir Peter Hall' - London Overground Train Number 378 204

Sir Peter's train, a brand new five-carriage overground train numbered 378 204 (pictured here) can now be spotted in service across the entire London Overground network.

View the pictures from the dedication ceremony here:

Professor Sir Peter Hall was a celebrated planning expert and valued colleague of Transport for London. His ideas helped shape and progress London Overground, Crossrail 1 & 2 and many other developments in London.

Sir Peter’s contributions to the growth of London over the past 40 years have helped to shape the capital as it is today. His insight has driven the development of much of the city’s transport infrastructure; including Crossrail, Crossrail 2, High Speed rail and, not least, conceptualising an orbital London railway which would be realised as London Overground.

For these achievements and many others, Transport for London and University College London wish to honour and remember Sir Peter.