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UCL Graduate Open Day

18 January 2021–29 January 2021, 9:00 am–6:00 pm

Crowd of people at BSP Expo

UCL will host two Graduate Open Days in January to give prospective Master's students information about the available courses.

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Victoria Howard

UCL has launched its first ever Graduate Open Series, a platform that will allow you to explore a variety of resources to help inform you and your decision to study a graduate degree at UCL. On 18 January and 29 January, as part of the series, The Bartlett School of Planning will be running a selection of live programme talks and Q&A sessions where you will hear from programme directors, administrators and current students about what it's like to study with us. 

Sign up via the main UCL booking form.

Schedule for 18 January 

Q&A MSc Housing & City Planning18/01/20219.00am10.00am5.00pm6.00pm
Q&A MSc Spatial Planning, MSc Spatial Planning Apprenticeship and MSc International Planning18/01/202110.00am11.00am6.00pm7.00pm
Q&A MSc Urban Design & City Planning18/01/202110.00am11.00am5.00pm6.00pm
Q&A MSc Transport & City Planning18/01/202110.00am11.00am6.00pm7.00pm
Speak to a Bartlett School of Planning Student18/01/20211.00pm2.00pm4.00pm5.00pm
Q&A MSc Urban Regeneration18/01/202111.00am12.00pm5.00pm6.00pm
Q&A MSc Sustainable Urbanism18/01/202111.00am12.00pm5.00pm6.00pm
Q&A MSc International Real Estate & Planning18/01/202111.00am12.00pm5.00pm6.00pm
Q&A MSc Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal & Development18/01/20216.00pm7.00pm  

Schedule for 29 January 

Q&A MSc Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal & Development29/01/202110.00am11.00am  
Q&A MPlan City Planning29/01/202110.00am11.00am5.00pm6.00pm