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The Bartlett Community of Engagers

Staff and students across UCL's Faculty of the Built Environment are invited to join the Bartlett Community of Engagers.

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The Bartlett Community of Engagers is a collaborative network focused on collaboration and sharing experiences of undertaking engagement work. The network is open to all staff and students within The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, and aims to promote a culture of engaged research and learning through:

  • Creating a space for Bartlett staff and students to share their engagement experience
  • Sharing and celebrating our efforts to work with public groups
  • Regular opportunities for peer support and troubleshooting
  • Collating and sharing resources, funding opportunities, and ideas

Sign up for the community via Microsoft Teams


The Bartlett Commmunity of Engagers is: 

  • A democratic, bottom-up network that creates space for sharing, and complements and amplifies the various pathways to engagement undertaken by staff/students throughout the faculty
  • Broad in its definitions so as to share the benefits and processes of mutually beneficial engagement, while providing support and signposting to areas within the engaged research environment
  • Welcoming of staff and students from all backgrounds and focuses, and committed to sharing our successes, failures, problems, opportunities and approaches
  • ‘Imperfect by design’, allowing space for the community to define itself based on its needs and interests

Bartlett Community of Engagers Equity Fund

The Bartlett Community of Engagers Equity Fund is currently closed for applications. Check back for further updates.

The Bartlett Community of Engagers Equity Fund provides small amounts of funding for Bartlett staff and students working in partnership with public and community groups. The fund supports staff and students undertaking work that aligns with the values of the Community of Engagers: inclusivity and diversity, collaboration and support, trust and confidentiality. The Equity Fund is focused on recognising the value of, and respecting collaboration outside of academia.
This fund is a pilot in this academic year that recognises the opportunities and benefits of diverse voices, and is offering small amounts of funding to contribute to more equitable engagement. The Faculty is providing funding as part of the Community of Engagers’ work to support partnerships of equivalence and respect. 

Staff and students who are members of the Bartlett Community of Engagers can apply for this funding. The Expression of Interest form encourages you to explain your request so we can understand how best to support this.

Please contact Tadhg Caffrey (t.caffrey@ucl.ac.uk) if you have any questions about the fund. 


For further information, sign up to the Community or email Tadhg Caffrey, Faculty Impact Manager (t.caffrey@ucl.ac.uk)

(Photo by Peter Nguyen on Unsplash)