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The Bartlett Community of Engagers

Staff and students across UCL's Faculty of the Built Environment are invited to join the Bartlett Community of Engagers.

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The Bartlett Community of Engagers is a collaborative network focused on collaboration and sharing experiences of undertaking engagement work. The network is open to all staff and students within The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, and aims to promote a culture of engaged research and learning through:
  • Creating a space for Bartlett staff and students to share their engagement experience
  • Sharing and celebrating our efforts to work with public groups
  • Regular opportunities for peer support and troubleshooting
  • Collating and sharing resources, funding opportunities, and ideas

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Imperfect by Design

In June 2023, the Community of Engagers organised 'Imperfect by Design: A Bartlett Celebration of Engagement'. Imperfect by Design was a participatory showcase of the many ways Bartlett staff and students engage with public groups to generate impact, improve our research, teaching and learning, and make a positive difference in the lives and work of our partners.
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The Bartlett Community of Engagers is: 

  • A democratic, bottom-up network that creates space for sharing, and complements and amplifies the various pathways to engagement undertaken by staff/students throughout the faculty
  • Broad in its definitions so as to share the benefits and processes of mutually beneficial engagement, while providing support and signposting to areas within the engaged research environment
  • Welcoming of staff and students from all backgrounds and focuses, and committed to sharing our successes, failures, problems, opportunities and approaches
  • ‘Imperfect by design’, allowing space for the community to define itself based on its needs and interests

Bartlett Community of Engagers Equity Fund

The Bartlett Community of Engagers Equity Fund 2024 is now accepting applications for small grants aimed at supporting collaborations between Bartlett staff, students, and public or community partners. This initiative is designed to foster projects that embody the Community of Engagers' core values: inclusivity, diversity, collaboration, support, trust, and confidentiality. By prioritising respect and recognition for collaborations beyond the academic sphere, the Equity Fund seeks to facilitate more equitable engagements. 

As an ongoing program for the current academic year, the fund acknowledges the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives into our work. Small grants are available to aid projects that contribute to a more balanced and respectful partnership environment. The Faculty is committed to enhancing partnerships of equivalence through this funding opportunity, as part of the broader efforts of the Community of Engagers.

Members of the Bartlett Community of Engagers are invited to apply for these grants. The application process involves an Expression of Interest form, which asks applicants to detail their funding needs to better assess how the fund can support their initiatives. Potential uses for the funding include, but are not limited to, covering costs for community venue hire, compensating time spent by public or community participants, acquiring technical support for meetings, fostering new partnerships or exploring innovative ideas, and other practical expenses that facilitate equitable partnerships.

Each applicant may receive up to £500, with a total of £1,500 available for distribution. Funds must be utilised or allocated to external partners by 31st July 2024. Recipients are expected to present the outcomes of their projects in future Community of Engagers sessions.

Application Process:

The initial step for interested parties is to submit an Expression of Interest via the provided form, briefly describing the intended use of the funds. 

Expression of Interest submission link: https://forms.office.com/r/9skbRiDNAq 

Please ensure your Expression of Interest is submitted by 5pm on 14 June, 2024. Following a review, we will communicate the next steps to the applicants. Our goal is to manage this fund with transparency, making the application process as accessible and straightforward as possible.

Key Dates:

Fund opens: March 11, 2024
Expression of Interest deadline: June 14, 2024
Notification of review outcomes: by June 18, 2024

For any enquiries regarding the fund, please reach out to Julie Hipperson j.hipperson@ucl.ac.uk or Jhono Bennett jhono.bennett@ucl.ac.uk 


For further information, sign up to the Community email Julie Hipperson, Faculty Impact Manager at j.hipperson@ucl.ac.uk.

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