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Enter The Bartlett sticker design competition

3 October 2022

Design a sticker for The Bartlett and enter to win a £30 Patch Plants voucher!

Person drawing on A4 paper with a table full of colourful markers and pencils

Want to design our next sticker? The Bartlett Faculty invites all of its students to enter our sticker design competition. Show off your skills and help us to design a new sticker for The Bartlett and win a £30 Patch Plant voucher! 

All you need to do to enter is create a Bartlett themed sticker, using inspiration from the built environment or the city of London. You can enter as many times as you want because we will select three winning stickers to be printed and distributed. You have until Monday 31 October to submit your design. 

Entry guidelines

  1. All Bartlett students are welcome to enter
  2. Entries must contain all original artwork
  3. Design must be optimised for a 10cm sticker (minimum 300dpi in tif, jpg, or pdf format)
  4. Design must use the following Bartlett colours:
    • HEX #440099
    • HEX #8CE2D0
    • HEX #00534C
    • HEX #1A2BF2
    • HEX #000000
  5. Designs can be any shape
  6. All entries must include "The Bartlett, UCL's Faculty of the Built Environment"
  7. All entries must include our social media handle @TheBartlettUCL
  8. Multiple entries are accepted

Colour palette  #440099 HEX #8CE2D0 HEX #00534C HEX #1A2BF2 HEX #FFFFFF HEX #000000


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