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Episode 5 of the Building Better podcast asks the question: how we should heat our homes

24 May 2021

Exploring the possibilities for a more sustainable future and what barriers lie in the way.

thermal energy image of house

In the latest episode of Building Better: The Bartlett Podcast, we ask the question: how will we heat our homes in the future?

To answer this, we invited two researchers from the UCL Energy Institute, a world-leading initiative, delivering learning, research, and policy support on the challenges of Climate Change and energy security.

Join host Christoph in conversation with Dr Jenny Crawley, Research Fellow in Energy and Buildings, and Dr Jez Wingfield, Senior Technician in Physical Building Performance to learn about the different possibilities for a more sustainable future in the UK and what barriers lie in the way. 

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Image: Aleks Marinkovic via Unsplash