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BSEER Green Champions win gold award for sustainability

16 July 2020

The BSEER Green Team led by Emily Jennings and Velvet Young were awarded the top level prize at UCL Sustainability Awards 2020.

UCL Portico columns with colourful text overlay reading: Sustainability Awards 2020

Emily Jennings, Research Administrator, and Velvet Young, Communications Administrator, won the Gold Award at a virtual awards ceremony following their completion of Sustainable UCL’s Green Impact scheme.

The team received the award recognising ongoing commitment to improving the department’s environmental impact. Their most recent initiatives have included:

  • Pledging to make events and meetings more sustainable with 100% vegetarian catering, no disposable cups or cutlery and sustainable printed materials.
  • Encouraging sustainable modes of travel, the reduction of unnecessary travel and are contributing to carbon offsetting projects.
  • Running competitions and engagement events to educate and get staff & students involved in sustainability-themed activities.

The team also received a Silver Project Award for their Steptember project, led by Emily, which saw staff team up to walk a combined total of over 6,000km, equivalent to walking from the office to Cancun, Mexico.

The BSEER labs team, led by Dr Scott Orr, were also awarded the Gold Sustainable Labs Award after completing the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF), recognising sustainable laboratory practices that allow research to be conducted in a resource efficient and sustainable way.