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The Bartlett publishes new Doctoral Review to showcase PhD student research

25 September 2018

The first ever Bartlett Doctoral Review has been published online, showcasing a diverse range of research from across the Bartlett Faculty.

The Bartlett Doctoral Review 2018 cover

What is the Bartlett Review?

The Review features highlights from articles, blog pieces and papers, giving a snapshot of doctoral research (and more) from some of the roughly 450 PhD students currently enrolled at The Bartlett.

Why was it created?

The Bartlett has an amazing range of research covering the arts, humanities, science and technology – as well as the built environment – which we wanted to share. Beyond this, we wanted to celebrate a raft of wider activities and achievements our students have been involved in over the course of the year.

The Review captures a glimpse of all this – from storytelling narratives at the Royal Academy to 3D-laser-scanning and robots as 'orange collar' workers.

Who’s behind it?

The Review was edited by Stephen Marshall (Faculty Graduate Tutor, Research), Ariana Markowitz (Development Planning Unit) and Fernanda Garcia Alba Garciadiego (Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering). Much of the content has come from items featured over the course of the year on The Bartlett Doctoral Hub and the @TheBartlettPhD Twitter account

What's inside?

Laid out in magazine style, the Review contains 17 short, illustrated pieces, each with links to further online content, with all of The Bartlett's departments represented. See the full list of contents below.

  1. Making spaces meaningful through architectural storytelling (BSA)
  2. Benches and play in cities (BSA)
  3. Using robotic arms to prepare cities and city residents for the future (BSA)
  4. Makers as new actors in economic development (BSP)
  5. What do our words say about gender (DPU)?
  6. Harnessing participatory approaches to improve quality of life (IGP)
  7. Film by Killian Doherty premieres at The Pompidou Centre 
  8. Making time and space at the RA
  9. Bartlett filmmakers on top of the world
  10. Using mobile phone data to estimate populations in real-time
  11. Pushing Boarders conference
  12. Democratising art through the ‘Museum without Walls’
  13. Grappling with architectural modernity in China
  14. Studying otherness in Puerto Rico
  15. 3D laser scanning heritage
  16. Modelling and conserving metadata
  17. Towards unmaking dangerous places
  18. End Notes

The Bartlett Doctoral Review is available now on issuu.com

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Or download the PDF: