The Bartlett


Article 50 and UCL

29 March 2017

Reaction from Professor Michael Arthur, UCL President & Provost, and Professor Alan Penn, Dean of The Bartlett.


Following the triggering of Article 50, Alan Penn said: “As the UK presses the Article 50 button, it is clear to me that universities have a vital role to play in shaping a new UK in a new Europe.  We must focus our intellect on solving the challenges facing society, the economy and the planet. We must develop partnerships with fellow institutions around the world, more than ever now in Europe. We must fight for mobility and the exchange of knowledge and form an active hub on a global network. Finally, we must educate a more open and tolerant next generation of leaders and opinion formers, in commerce, politics and the media."

UCL Provost: Brexit statement to EU students and staff

The Provost's statement on Article 50.