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Ebola is a product of a destructive global economic system

28 October 2014

World Bank Photo Collection, Ebola Crisis

Head of the Institute for Global Prosperity Professor Henrietta Moore has contributed to the debate on Ebola's main causes in an article for The Guardian.

In the article, Professor Moore focuses her attention on the macroeconomic conditions that brought the world to the point at which almost 5,000 lives have been lost to the disease. She draws upon the fact that the initial carriers of Ebola, fruit bats, have arrived in human settlements having been displaced from former rainforests.

The human catastrophe, Prof. Moore argues, goes beyond individual deaths. The damage to the already fragile economies of west African countries will have a devastating impact, even once the virus itself is brought under control.

The article draws upon the principles which underlie the new Institute for Global Prosperity, which aims to recognise the context of global interconnectivity and focus on the impact of decisions made by leaders, organisations and countries regarding apparently unrelated affairs.

To read the article, visit the Sustainable Business section of The Guardian website.