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Bartlett professors in The Evolution of Planning Thought

14 May 2014

The Evolution of Planning Thought

Two Bartlett Professors are taking part in a project to explore the roots of planning through the experience and expertise of those who have had a major influence on the discipline over the last five decades. 

Sir Peter Hall, Professor of Urban Regeneration and Planning and Michael Batty, Emeritus Professor of Planning and Chairman of the Management Board of CASA are amongst 16 eminent planning academics taking part in The Evolution of Planning Thought

The project is composed of three parts, a book entitled The Future of Planning: Professional Stories in the Evolution of Planning Thought, a series of conversations between early career planning scholars and the panel, and a lecture series taking place in Vienna.

The book, due to be published in 2015, will be the end result of the collaboration between the 16 professors and the planning scholars. It will be shaped by the dialogue and discussions that emerge from the project, with a personal reflection on the evolution of planning from each author. 

‘Understanding the history of the field of planning through oral histories enables us to grasp the impacts of historical events, demographic change and political systems of an ever changing world.’ says Professor Batty. 

The lecture series begins on Monday 19 May 2014 at the Vienna University of Technology

For more information about the project, visit info.tuwien.ac.at/planning-thought/index.php/home.html