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Celebrating 25 years of Space Syntax Ltd.

21 July 2014

Space Syntax 25 years

Space Syntax Limited was established on 17 July 1989 and last week it celebrated its 25th birthday.

Space syntax theory and technology were pioneered in the 1970s by Professors Bill Hillier and Julienne Hanson and colleagues at The Bartlett. 

The space syntax approach was conceived to help architects simulate the likely effects of their designs on the people who occupied and moved around in them, be they buildings or urban settlements. It has since grown around the world in a variety of research areas and practical applications.

Space Syntax Ltd. was founded as a UCL spin-out company, working originally on projects on behalf of resident and community groups. It has since developed into a globally successful commercial enterprise. 

The Bartlett and Space Syntax Ltd. enjoy a symbiotic relationship, with work carried out by Space Syntax Ltd. being integrated into Bartlett teaching, and Bartlett research going some way to solving problems encountered by the company. The Space Syntax Laboratory is the central hub of the research within the Space research group, the methodology of which is taught on the MSc Spatial Design: Architecture & Cities course.  

As part of their 25th anniversary celebrations, Space Syntax Ltd. will be hosting a series of evening seminars in the 'Smart as Cities' series, more details will be available on The Bartlett website soon.

The Smart as Cities presentations can be viewed on the Space Syntax website www.spacesyntax.com/downloads/videos/