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Bartlett Alumni Create #1 iPad App

30 October 2013

Avokiddo Emotions

A new app, created by The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies alumni, Vagelis Katsantonis and Elpida Voulgari has recently been listed as the top iPad app out of 475,000 competitors on apple.com

Avokiddo Emotions launched in July 2013 to extensive recognition and overwhelmingly positive reviews. It is the creation of Avokiddo, a creative studio specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children, co-founded by Katsantonis and Voulgari (MSc Virtual Environments) and Dionisis Voulgaris, who completed a Masters in Computer Studies at the University of Essex. 

Avokiddo Emotions is open ended and self-directed, and encourages children to identify emotions and trigger reactions as they introduce different objects to the animal characters on the screen. 

The app has been featured on the main banner in the Education section of the App Store, designated as New and Noteworthy, and was handpicked by Apple’s editors for the feature category ‘Best for ages 5 and under.’ It has also attracted praise from USA Today and The Guardian

The Bartlett, according to Katsantonis, laid the foundations of the team’s creative outlook: ‘Undoubtedly, our recent success with Avokiddo Emotions has its seeds in our ‘Enlightenment’ years at UCL.’