The Bartlett


The Bartlett celebrates International Students’ Day

16 November 2012

The Bartlett: Spotlight on International Students

There are a lot of benefits to studying at The Bartlett; world-leading research, inspiring academics, extensive facilities in the heart of London, and of course, the rich cultural diversity of both its students and staff.

At the last count, The Bartlett boasted students from over 75 different countries, and in celebration of International Students' Day 2012, we have produced a short film showcasing some the Faculty's overseas students from around the world and their perspectives on life as an international student at The Bartlett. 

American student Rebecca Stanislaw (MSc Sustainable Heritage) describes her impressions, "What I enjoy most about my course is how international it is.  We have professors from many different countries and students from at least five or six different countries in a class of eleven.  Its really great to get an international perspective, especially when dealing with heritage." The film features nine students from all levels of study and representing the range of disciplines The Bartlett has to offer.  Nima Aase (MSc Project and Enterprise Management) sums up his experience, "Its a very great place to study, its like being part of a big family."

The film is available to watch now on the Faculty's YouTube channel Bartlett TV, and students are invited to share their International Students' Day stories on Facebook.