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IGP reports offer innovative thinking in relation to some of the most pressing prosperity problems of our time

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Rebuilding Prosperity Campaign
Rebuilding prosperity for the 21st century requires new ways of thinking and acting and the kind of vision, commitment and courage that informed the national conversation in the 1940s. The Rebuilding Prosperity Campaign calls on policy-makers from Town and City Halls to Whitehall and from National Assemblies to the Westminster Parliament to engage in a new conversation and to join our campaign for a radical new approach that will create shared prosperity across the country.

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Rebuilding Prosperity: Delivering Prosperity in the 21st Century             

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Campaign summary (pdf)

Economy of Belonging (pdf) 

Livelihood Security (pdf)

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National contributions report

National Contributions: Reforming tax for the 21st century (2021)

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Universal Basic Services 
Universal Basic Services (UBS) are a collection of seven free public services that enable every citizen to live a larger life by ensuring access to safety, opportunity, and participation. 

Social Prosperity Network report

Social prosperity for the future: A proposal for Universal Basic Services (2017)

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Universal Basic Services Theory and Practice

Universal Basic Services: Theory and Practice - A literature review (2019) 

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Stories of change report cover

Stories of Change from the Connected Communities Inclusive Broadband Project (2021)

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Imagining a welfare state that supports secure livelihoods cover

Imagining a welfare state that supports secure livelihoods (2021)

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London Prosperity Index
The IGP's Prosperity Index is designed to encapsulate meaningful data at a level that makes sense to communities, and which can be relayed back to government for policy-making

Summary of Methodology and Description of Indicators cover

Summary of Methodology and Description of Indicators (2018)

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Rethinking Prosperity for London: When Citizens Lead Transformation cover

Rethinking Prosperity for London: When Citizens Lead Transformation (2019)

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Financing Prosperity in East London
The IGP has been working with a number of organisations in East London, including Money Advice and Education (Money A+E), Optimistic Productions/Bank Job Pictures and Research for Action to explore critical alternatives to existing modes and practices of finance. This research examines how community-based forms of financial advice create pathways to prosperity for disadvantaged economic communities, how art can be a form of critical financial education, and evaluates how Covid 19 has impacted the livelihoods of black, asian and minority ethnic communities. 

Evaluating the impact cover

Evaluating the Impact of Money Advice and Education's Work on Creating Prosperity (2020)

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Covid as a challenge to prosperity cover

Covid-19 as a Challenge to Prosperity: The Case of Money A+E Service Users (2020)

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Blue report cover

How can locally embedded organisations create pathways towards more inclusive and sustainable prosperity? A case study of Money A+E (2022)

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Transitions to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Prosperity in Lebanon

Transitions to renewable energy cover

Transitions to Renewable Energy and
Sustainable Prosperity in Lebanon:
A People-Centred Approach to Equitable
Energy Supply (2019)

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Transitions to renewable energy cover 2

Transitions to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Prosperity in Lebanon:
Why Democratic Infrastructure
Supports Innovative Energy Projects (2020) 

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Transforming Tomorrow Initiative
Transforming Tomorrow exists to catalyse an unprecedented period of experimentation with social, cultural, economic and political innovations. We want to build, with others, the capacities for transformation.

Farmer led regenerative agriculture cover

Farmer Led Regenerative Agriculture for Africa (2020)

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