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IGP Working Paper Series

The IGP Working Paper Series presents our latest work on global prosperity, often before it appears in academic journals.

Working Papers

Data Audit: Requirements for Improving Measures and Outcome Indicators in Lebanon (2018) 
Community Cryptocurrencies for Sustainable Prosperity: A case study of FairCoin (2019)
Lost in Translation? An assessment of the SDGs as a basis for private sector action: A case study of palm oil (2019)
Towards Prosperity: Reinvigorating local economies through Universal Basic Services (2020)
Rethinking prosperity: Perspectives of young people living in East London (2020)
Finance, technology & displacement: towards a research agenda (2020)


IGP reports offer innovative thinking in relation to some of the most pressing prosperity problems of our time.

London Prosperity Index

Summary of Methodology and Description of Indicators (2018)
Rethinking Prosperity for London: When Citizens Lead Transformation (2019) 

Transitions to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Prosperity in Lebanon

Transitions to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Prosperity in Lebanon: A People-Centred Approach to Equitable Energy Supply (2019)
Transitions to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Prosperity in Lebanon: Why Democratic Infrastructure Supports Innovative Energy Projects (2020)

Universal Basic Services 

Social prosperity for the future: A proposal for Universal Basic Services (2017)
Universal Basic Services: Theory and Practice - A literature review (2019) 

Financing Prosperity in East London

Transforming Tomorrow Initiative


Global Prosperity in Thought and Practice Book Series

The IGP is currently developing a book series with UCL Press. The series will draw together monographs, edited volumes and anthologies which:

· challenge the prevailing understanding of prosperity.

· develop alternative models and transdisciplinary ways of thinking about what prosperity means to different communities in different places.

· offer robust empirical evidence that can inform decision-making, empower communities and ensure flourishing environments.

· coproduce new visions, narratives and other forms of representation of the good life in different contexts.

If you are interested in contributing a volume, please get in touch with the editors by emailing both Dr Christopher Harker (christopher.harker@ucl.ac.uk) and Dr Yuan He (yuan.he@ucl.ac.uk)