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Student testimonials

Discover what alumni from UCL's Data Science for Cultural Heritage MSc think about the programme.

Bhavesh Shah
Bhavesh Shah

Graduated 2021 

"Since graduating I have been using data science skills learnt from the MSc straight away in my role as Preventive Data Scientist at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in coding applications for the prevention of damage to museum objects from the climate, insects, light and other risks to the objects."

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Irene Iriarte
Irene Iriarte

Graduated 2021

"What I personally most enjoyed was learning about heritage and the great mix of modules, which really allowed me to be creative. I also got to work on some techniques that I'd never used before, such as when I built a graffiti image classifier which was one of my favourite projects. My main advice [to future students] would be to really embrace the uniqueness of the MSc - its interdisciplinary nature allows you to tailor it to whatever skills you are most interested in developing. I would also encourage them to use it as a chance to build a network both with the students and lecturers!”

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Anping Zhang at his graduation ceremony
Anping Zhang

Graduated 2020 

"First, and most importantly, savour your time at University College London. For students interested in pursuing a future Ph.D. or another master’s degree, my advice would be to establish a strong foundation in your interest research area. Data Science for Cultural Heritage program would be a good choice because of its professional supervisors and a range of cross-discipline courses.”

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