UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Project archive

Looking at old ground in a new way 

A research project that aims to investigate the synergies between heritage science and sport science, and their collective impact on wellbeing.

Collections Demography

A collaborative interdisciplinary project on holistic understanding of collections as populations of objects 

Heritage Smells!

An interdisciplinary project focused on aseous emissions from heritage objects and their value in non-destructive diagnostics

Accessible Heritage

A project for the development and deployment of environmental sensor networks with a supporting policy framework 

Change or Damage?

This project researched the effect of the climate on decorative furniture surfaces in historic properties

Heritage Intelligence

This project developed an early warning monitoring system with sensors measuring various environmental factors

TeACH Project

An international project on assessment of the effect of air pollution on movable and immoveable heritage


An international project on understanding and conservation of plastic artifacts in historic collections

St. Paul's Cathedral Library Environmental Study

UCL ISH led an environmental campaign to improve the environment and increase access of the library

The Building Environment Simulation project (BES)

UCL ISH delivered an environmental simulation model of the building which contains records almost 1,000 years old

Identical Books

This project compared the condition of books in different nationally significant libraries based on their environment

NOAH's ARK Project

This project looked at the impact of the future climate and pollution levels on cultural heritage on a European scale

Climate Change and the Historic Environment

This project advised the historic environment, encompassing historic buildings and collections to adapt to climate change

Conservation Solutions (STOA)

This project discussed technological requirements for solutions in the conservation and protection of historic monuments and archaeological remains


This project produced software to assist museums, galleries and archives in managing the risks of air pollution

Nuffield Placement

UCL ISH hosted a school student, Aliyah Aslam, in a placement organised by the Nuffield Foundation

Birmingham Museums

UCL ISH visited the Birmingham Museums to undertake some analysis of plastic objects that form part of Romuald Hazoumè’s work