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Heritage Science

Heritage science is a crossdisciplinary research area encompassing science of understanding of the past and management of heritage.

Smells of heritage research
It defies conventional disciplinary boundaries, proving a challenge but primarily an opportunity as a relatively young field of academic enquiry.

The Heritage Science Laboratory is a state-of-the-art infrastructure, fully equipped with environmental and material science instrumentation, many of which are transportable and can be deployed on field trips as part of the SEAHA Mobile Heritage Laboratory. This enables researchers to do research in situ, with heritage stakeholders.

The UCL ISH Heritage Imaging Suite is a cutting edge visible and near infrared imaging setup suitable for imaging small objects as well as buildings, enabling researchers to visualise the structure and composition of surfaces. Such research takes UCL ISH into the realm of big data, data mining and modelling, from climate and pollution to modelling of large collections.

Citizen heritage science research has emerged in this academic year, with UCL ISH increasingly collaborating with the public in its research.
Image: UCL ISH PhD student, Cecilia Bembibre carrying out heritage science research in National Trust property, Knole House. Credit: James Dobson and the National Trust