UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Online tools for Preventive Conservation

Researchers at the Institute for Sustainable Heritage actively develop accessible tools that can help preventive conservation.

Users can access the IMPACT tool for the estimation of pollutant concentrations, visualise their data in a digital psychrometric chart and estimate dust deposition rates. Other tools for collections modelling and materials degradation are in preparation. 

IMPACT 2.0 (Pollutants)

This calculator provides an estimation of indoor concentrations of some pollutants given an outdoor concentration and a description of internal surfaces. It currently works for NO2, and it is being updated to work with other pollutants. See Blades (2002) for a description of the research this tool is based on and its initial version.

tool impact

Psychrometric Chart (T and RH)

Users can upload Temperature and Humidity data and visualise it in a Psychrometric Chart. It is also possible to count how many data points fall outside desirable ranges using existing or custom guidelines. 

tool chart

Dust deposition

This tool lets users explore how dust deposition depends on parameters such as particle size and air motion in a room. It estimates area coverage and the time to unacceptable levels of deposition. Predictions are accurate in some instances, but the model has not been validated in all possible scenarios. It is best used as an educational tool. 

tool pm

In progress

As part of a range of projects (IPERION-HS and others), new tools are being actively developed. These will include collections demography modelling, plastics degradation, risk of mould growth and others.