UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


ISH launches new Heritage Evidence, Foresight and Policy MSc

10 January 2020

The new Heritage Evidence, Foresight and Policy MSc is designed to equip policy professionals and heritage practitioners with the ability to think critically about the long-term futures of what society values.

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Heritage is about the future of what matters, protecting cultural and natural objects, assemblies, systems and practices that society values for future generations. But what kind of future are we facing? How do the choices we make help to shape the future? And what can we do now to protect the long-term futures of the things that matter to society?

The Heritage Evidence, Foresight and Policy MSc will equip students to combine a deep understanding of what matters to society with the capacity to manage uncertainty and anticipate change.

The programme draws on a wide interdisciplinary range of theoretical and methodological approaches, from strategic foresight and from related disciplines with their own academic traditions of engaging with the future, such as sociology and design.

Professionals working, or who aspire to work, in heritage, social and cultural policy contexts will gain a unique skillset equipping them to support long-term decision-making in their organisation.

Professor Richard Sandford, Programme lead, said, 

I'm really excited to work with students from around the world, creating new ways of working with evidence to help policy teams deliver sustainable futures. As organisations in every part of society grapple with how to protect what matters to them in the face of change and uncertainty, the ideas and skills taught through this programme are becoming increasingly valuable."

Professor May Cassar, Director of UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, said, 

This inspirational and ground-breaking programme builds on the twenty years' experience of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage in anticipating change and working with partners across the heritage sector, national and international governments and civil society."