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Heritage Evidence, Foresight and Policy MSc

Applications will be open soon for the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage's new Master’s programme 'Heritage Evidence, Foresight and Policy', starting in October 2020

Heritage is about the future of what matters, protecting what is meaningful in culture and nature for future generations. This new and distinctive programme will equip policy professionals and heritage practitioners to think critically and strategically about the long-term futures of what society values, using perspectives from heritage to put what matters to people at the heart of decision-making. 

Students will understand the ways heritage recognises and protects what is meaningful and valued, learn practical foresight techniques of scenario planning and horizon scanning, develop critical perspectives on different approaches to the future, encounter key concepts from systems analysis and complexity theory, and grasp the most effective ways to embed evidence from foresight and futures analysis in day-to-day policy contexts. Along the way, they will build a practical understanding of core qualitative and quantitative research methods, and become skilled in working with evidence from multiple disciplines and paradigms. 

The programme draws on a wide interdisciplinary range of theoretical and methodological approaches from strategic foresight, and from related disciplines like sociology, geography, and design, all of which have their own academic traditions of engaging with the future. Professionals working, or who aspire to work, in heritage, social and cultural policy contexts will gain a unique skillset equipping them to support long-term decision-making in their organization, combining a deep understanding of what matters to society with the capacity to manage uncertainty and anticipate change. 

As the effects of climate change intensify, as new technologies shape our society and culture, and as societies face global challenges to their identity and composition, organisations concerned with protecting and growing social and cultural value will need to anticipate future possibilities in order to develop a strategic response. This programme will equip students to lead that process, drawing on heritage’s unique connection between past and future.

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For more information, please contact bseer-studentqueries@ucl.ac.uk