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Bartlett Co-Productive Research Ecologies Workshop

13 June 2024, 9:00 am–5:00 pm

Bartlett Co-Productive Research Ecologies Workshop

This event is free.

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Jhono Bennett, Sharon Betts, Julie Hipperson & Ella Sivyer


George Fox Room
Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road

The Bartlett Co-Productive Research Ecologies Workshop seeks to create an immersive and collaborative experience for researchers within the Bartlett Faculty through a full workshop dedicated to fostering a series of insightful exchanges and supportive discussions towards our larger aim of understanding what a supportive research ecology might look at our faculty. The workshop aims to engage with and expand not just what supportive means, - but what it looks like in action.

By hosting a series of collaborative activities with a diverse group of research participants drawn from across the Bartlett Faculty, the workshop aims to engage with the dynamics inherent in collaborative research. The workshop will be carefully facilitated by an engaged host who will ensure that all voices within the room are heard. By focusing on shared experiences, drawing from the experience of selected invited guests, and the development of a practical research tool, the Bartlett Co-Productive Research Ecologies workshop aspires to leave a lasting impact on collaborative research practices, adding to a culture of effective teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration within the Bartlett Faculty.

Ultimately the larger project will seek to frame what a support research ecology looks like at the Bartlett and share a tool that will assist in fostering this culture in practice.

This event is for all Bartlett Researchers at any career stage.


Sharing Experiences and Supportive Discussions:

  • The primary objective is to facilitate a day of sharing experiences and fostering supportive discussions among a mixed group of research participants, creating an enriching environment for collaborative learning.


  • The workshop environment is structured to encourage innovation and creativity, providing a space for participants to think critically, share innovative ideas, and collectively contribute to the advancement of collaborative research within the faculty.

Encouraging Innovation and Creativity:

Hands-On Exploration of Collaborative Research Practices:

  • Participants will have the opportunity for hands-on exploration of collaborative research practices, gaining practical insights and skills that can be applied to their respective research projects.

Collaborative Learning Across Disciplines:

  • Emphasising diversity, the workshop will bring together participants from different disciplines within the Bartlett Faculty. This cross-disciplinary approach will encourage the exchange of ideas and methodologies, fostering a richer collaborative experience.

Focused Series of Exercises:

  • The workshop design includes a carefully curated series of exercises that aim to guide participants through the various stages of collaborative research. From idea generation to project execution, these exercises will promote active engagement and skill-building.

Developing a Research Tool for Enhanced Faculty Collaboration:

  • A key highlight is the commitment to supporting the development of a practical research tool. This tool aims to enhance collaborative research practices within the Bartlett Faculty, providing participants with a tangible resource for optimising their collaborative efforts.

Exploring Interpersonal Dynamics of Collaborative Research:

  • The workshop will feature a series of targeted exercises that specifically focus on exploring the nuanced dynamics within collaborative research projects, seeking to draw out important character and the nature of this work from those involved. Participants will gain insights into effective communication, teamwork, and collaborative problem-solving.