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Bartlett Research Exchange: Ethics in Built Environment Research

01 December 2014, 4:00 pm–7:00 pm

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Jane Rendell


The Bartlett School of Architecture
140 Hampstead Road
United Kingdom

What particular challenges do we face as built environment professionals and researchers to practice ethically today?

The challenge of how to behave ethically faces each one of us, but certain moments and conditions can present particularly urgent problems. This is especially the case for those with responsibilities for the built environment, who face challenges such as reducing energy consumption to avoid runaway climate catastrophe and preventing widening inequality in urban regeneration programs.

This seminar will start to explore the role ethics plays currently in built environment research. Speakers involved in a new 12-month project on this topic, funded as part of Bartlett Small Grants Scheme, will present for discussion key themes and questions arising out of specific projects they are working on concerning sustainability, quality, participation, the Global South, and the co-production of knowledge in urban regeneration schemes.

They include Dr Martin Austwick, Dr Claire Colomb, Dr Shepley Orr, Michelle Shipworth, and Dr Michael Walls. Members of the steering group including Dr Andrew Clarke (Director of Research Planning, UCL), Andrew Cooper (Director of Research Evaluation, UCL), Dr Andrew Edkins (Vice Dean Enterprise, The Bartlett), and Caren Levy (Vice Dean International, The Bartlett), will introduce aspects of the broader context for ethics and integrity in UCL and the Bartlett, while Professor Susan Michie (Director of UCL's Centre for Behavioural Change) and Professor Andrew Barry (Chair of Human Geography) will act as initial respondents, before we open up to debate.

All are welcome! With drinks to follow.

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