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Subco Trust

This page is a summary of the collaboration between Subco Trust and UCL postgraduate students and researchers through the Evaluation Exchange.

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Subco Trust provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services for vulnerable Asian elders and carers in Newham.

How we worked with the Evaluation Exchange

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The team focused on developing evaluation tools to be used on a new ‘Mental Wellbeing’ project. They developed and tested tools to capture: changes in mood and well-being; and service user empowerment. The methods developed were sensitive to the diverse communication needs of the users (i.e. Asian individuals), being easily translated, accessible including icons as well as text.


Legacy for Subco Trust

The programme has helped to support staff with the skills needed to be part of ongoing monitoring and evaluation. The work that the team have undertaken on the Mental Wellbeing project has been used as a template by Subco Trust to streamline evaluation and reporting on our other programmes of work.

Legacy for the students and researchers 

We have learned a lot about evaluation and research in practice, and have really enjoyed working on this project as a team, so much so that we hope to continue working together in the future.

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Students and researchers involved
  • Anthony Isiwele (PhD student, Mental Health Care)
  • Giulia Piazza (PhD student, Psychology and Language Science)
  • Mel Ramasawmy (Research fellow, Health Informatics)
Resources from the collaboration

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