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AEDAS UCL School Building Design and Performance Research Programme

UCL-AEDAS Building Design and Performance Research Programme 2010-2015 is a £400,000 research project funded by AEDAS and supported by EPSRC VEIV and USAR EngD programmes.


30 November 2010

Key facts

  • Funding Body/Client: AEDAS
  • Project Supported by: EPSRC VEIV and USAR EngD programmes
  • Total Project Value: £400,000
  • Duration: 2010-2015
  • Status : Complete

The research programme focuses on school buildings which are a significant sub category of non-domestic buildings. UK schools account for 6-8% of the energy used in public and commercial buildings.

There are also wider environmental and sustainability related factors associated with schools; UK schools house approximately 10 million pupils who spend almost 30% of their life in schools and, as such, schools are the second most important indoor environment after children’s homes.

The intended outcome of this programme is the development of an integrated school building performance assessment framework for school buildings. The specific topics covered include:

  1. Utilising Artificial Neural Networks and Real World Data to Predict Operational Energy Consumption of School Buildings Based on Early Design and Briefing Decisions
  2. Refurbish or replace? Life cycle carbon footprint of school buildings
  3. Understanding Predicted vs. Operational Performance of Schools: a Building Systems Perspective
  4. The role of crowd-sourced energy performance feedback in low-energy building design and management in the context of industry pressures.

For further information please contact Dr Dejan Mumovic.


PI: Dejan Mumovic

CoI: Harry Bruhns, Alex Summerfield

R: Esfand Burman, Greig Paterson, Jamie Bull, Craig Robertson