UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


HCP UCL FM Service Improvement and Innovation Programme (SIIP)

30 November 2016

The FM industry often struggles to deliver significant service improvements and innovations where time is fully occupied with service delivery. Service providers are focused on ensuring immediate delivery levels there is sometimes a disconnect between delivery and improvement.

The efficient management of services in a multiple contract environment is the core operation of facilities management and it is possible to build in a system of continuous improvement .  

The UCL FM Service Improvement and Innovation Programme (SIIP) involves UCL working as part of the supply chain to deliver various research projects within the HCP FM PFI supply chain targeting key areas for improvement. Projects are delivered using different research platforms including KTP, EngD and PhD with the total project funding of £750,000 coming from the EPSRC EngD programme, TSB and the company partners HCP, Modus, Amey and Skanska.

The programme topics ranges from developing FM sustainability  building upon  the work which won the 2011 BIFM award for sustainability and impact to developing new methods of data management and manipulation as follows:

  1. Data driven predictive maintenance optimisation for the intelligent management of assets
  2. Visualising the Intelligent Management of Assets (VIMA)
  3. Sustainable FM: the next level
  4. Planning for obsolescence within long-term real estate contracts
  5. Innovation management in service delivery


PI: Michael Pitt

CoI: Peter McLennan

R: Amir Nabil, Kieran Mulholland and Ruhul Amin