UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Development of an integrated assessment framework for proven green technologies selection

30 November 2016

By Jin Si


Fuzhan Naisi  

Sarah Bell

Ljiljana Marjanovic-Halburd

2012 - 2015

My research focuses on building an integrated framework of green technologies selection for existing building retrofitting. This research contribution is relevant and necessary for several reasons:

Technologies selection is of great importance in the whole application of green buildings. Without reasonable selection of suitable technologies for buildings, the performance assessment has less meaning. In real-world scenarios, although there are multiple available green technologies for a building to choose, the choice maybe based on the wrong criteria without a comprehensive understanding of the most suitable technology for their buildings. In some cases a green technology may be chosen for the sake of itself, without a thorough evaluation of multiple influencing factors. Local regulations for some types of buildings, such as historical buildings, prohibit the application of some green technologies. In addition, sometimes, selected technologies cannot perform well as a result of buildings’ specific profiles and their final objectives. 

In this sense, I am going to propose a framework involving full aspects of elements for decision makers to refer to, the decision making process will be addressed through AHP, one multiple Attribute Decision Analysis (MADA) method of considering quantitative and qualitative factors together. The framework will be applied into real case building to show the intention of decision makers to choose green technologies for their buildings.