UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Incorporating Green Building Features into Property Valuation Practices


1 January 2015

The aim of this paper is to review the relationship between sustainability and property value in commercial real estate and provide some suggestions for valuers in recognising the sustainability features as part of property evaluation process. In doing so, the key factors that impact the valuation of commercial property are identified. The survey of stakeholders in Singapore’s real estate industry was also conducted. The findings indicate that the stakeholders generally recognise the importance of sustainability but with a strong focus on economic factors such as lower costs and asset financial performance. Though social benefits are recognised, their translation into financial value is more complex. Further quantitative and market studies are required to evidence the link between sustainable characteristics of buildings and their property value. Some guidelines have been proposed as a result of this study and they include improving data collection and storage, enhancement of the current valuation parameters to incorporate financial benefits of sustainability features as well as the need for continual learning and development in the area of sustainability.

Incorporating Green Building Features into Property Valuation Practices. Journal fuer Facility Management, 10.

Ng, E., Marjanovic- Halburd, L. (2015)

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