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UCL research on Hard to Decarbonize Homes published in Nature Energy

10 August 2022

The article "Solving the Difficult Problem of Hard to Decarbonize Homes" for the first time sheds light on this important part of our building stock.

View of a street in Brighton

Hard to Decarbonize (HtD) homes represent a complex problem that has historically been neglected in favour of the lower hanging fruit of easier to treat properties. To enable an equitable net zero transition, we must understand these homes in a holistic manner and take into account the impacts of different routes to decarbonization on occupants.

The article by Dr Rokia Raslan (Associate Professor, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Enginerring) and Professor Aimee Ambrose (Professor of Energy Policy, Sheffield Hallam University), calls for a profound change of mindset from the research community and funders to enable the urgent research needed to support the discovery of decarbonisation solutions that specifically respond to HtD homes.

Author Dr Rokia Raslan said:

We are hoping that this work will be the start of a truly field building endeavour that will lay the foundations for a research community focusing on this important, but neglected sector of the residential stock."

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Photo by Sylvan Kalviac on Unsplash