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Spotlight on Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MSc graduate Chengpeng Zhao

18 May 2020

Chengpeng Zhao graduated from UCL IEDE’s Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings (HWSB) MSc in 2018, here he shares his experience.

Headshot of Chenpeng Zhao

Before starting the HWSB MSc at UCL, Chengpeng studied Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nottingham.

Chengpeng’s undergraduate degree focussed on building service design, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and acoustic designs for ‘green building’.  He said that the MSc in HWSB helped to expand on this foundation:

the MSc HWSB showed me a new perspective which does not only focus on energy efficiency but also occupants’ health, comfort and wellbeing.”

Whilst studying the programme Chengpeng wrote his dissertation on the different impacts of natural daylight and electrical lighting on alertness and cognitive performance. His studies inspired him to apply for a PhD which investigates which aspects of daylight can be applied to improve user acceptance of cold white electrical lighting. This is importance because, in recent years, research has found that appropriate light exposure could help with people’s circadian entrainment, regulate mood, sleep and alertness.

Speaking on the process of applying for the PhD, Chengpeng said

Studying on the MSc HWSB programme certainly made my CV more competitive when I applied for the PhD. I did not only learn the concept of ‘healthy building’ but also gained the experience of doing academic research. The knowledge I gained has been very valuable for my current research.”

For future Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings graduates who aspire to follow a similar path of continuing research in this field Chengpeng advises:

The research skills covered by MSc HWSB are very important. For example, how to do a literature review, collecting data in the field, conducting laboratory experiments and statistical analysis.”

We’d like to thank Chengpeng for sharing his experience of studying Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MSc at The Bartlett UCL and wish him all the best in his PhD.