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Spotlight on Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MSc graduate Gomathi Krishnamoorthy

17 July 2020

Gomathi Krishnamoorthy graduated from UCL’s Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings (HWSB) MSc in 2019, here she shares her experience.

HWSB student

Gomathi has a background in Architecture and worked in the construction industry before deciding to pursue a post-graduate degree at UCL. In this role she was given the opportunity to work on commercial building projects which sparked an interest in commercial interior design. Additionally she worked and collaboated with sustainability consultants for safe and sustainable indoor designs developing a deep interest in exploring this field which led to her application to study the Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MSc at UCL. 

Since completing the programme Gomathi has returned home in India and taken up a job as an Architect at her previous company. There she has been working on large scale commercial design projects and simultanesouly preparing for additional qualitficaiton exams like the WELL AP and IGBC AP.

When asked how the HWSB MSc helped with her career she said: 

Personally, I feel this course has opened up a lot of horizons for me to understand at length how the field of sustainability brings together research and design. This course has given me a wide range of transferrable skills which I didn’t have prior to my MSc. It has also helped me understand the WELL building standard, and its cutting edge guidelines which aid in designing safer and environmentally sound spaces and overall a more human centric outlook to my designs. As this is a research masters, I feel I have an added advantage in comparison to my peers in understanding research in the built environment and how it is aligned with today’s building construction. The subjects introduced are very market relevant to this day and age and helps us as architects and designers to be more upfront, prudent and practical in our design careers."

Gomathi also gave some advice for future students of HWSB MSc:

It is very vital to begin looking for jobs during the course and the sooner the better. Also I strongly voice on attending all the lectures without fail as every lecture is critical to an individual’s personal development. Additionally, this course is supported by very highly educated and experienced faculty and this is a big blessing for being a student at UCL. With the entire London City as a campus, it is a life changing experience and a privilege to be associated as a student of this university."

We’d like to thank Gomathi for sharing her experience of studying Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MSc at The Bartlett UCL and wish her all the best in her career.