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Smart Buildings MSc Students attend CIBSE Technical Symposium 2019

16 May 2019

Our first cohort of Smart Buildings students attended the two-day CIBSE Symposium in Sheffield this April.

CIBSE Conference Smart Buildings students

IEDE’s Smart Buildings and Digital Engineering (SBDE) MSc students have just started the initial phase of their MSc Dissertation projects so our Programme Leaders took the opportunity to take them to the CIBSE Technical Symposium 2019 in Sheffield.

Students took advantage of attending 25 programme sessions at the symposium covering a wide range of built environment topics and learning from experts in the field whilst improving their own skills and knowledge about buildings and associated systems.  Session topics included innovation in green energy sources, addressing the challenge of overheating in homes, as well as smart buildings and workplace productivity.  In addition, students encountered building professionals from both industry and academia allowing them the chance to start building or expanding their professional networks. 

Our students clearly had a very engaging and interesting time at the symposium, not only sparking ideas for their dissertations but also setting up themes and ambitions for their future careers as one of our students Christian Guerra writes in his recently published blog for CIBSE.

Our new MSc Smart Buildings and Digital Engineering (SBDE) explores how digital engineering can lead to smarter buildings that are better for their occupants and the environment.  Through the programme students learn about the core scientific principles that underpin building design, engage with industry experts and gain knowledge of advanced building simulation and integrated design tools.  Applications for the programme are now open, with a deadline of 26 July 2019.