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UCL IEDE’s Peter Raynham promoted

6 July 2018

Prof Raynham

UCL only undertakes promotions through the annual promotions round, in order to ensure comparability of excellence across the whole of UCL. The thresholds for promotion at UCL are high, and widely recognised as such.

Please join UCL IEDE in congratulating Dr Peter Raynham who has been promoted to Professor of the Lit Environment.

I have been at the Bartlett since 1996 and I have worked on a wide variety of research projects as well as being a teacher, mainly on the Light and Lighting MSc programme. Getting lighting right has always been important to me. Something like 80% of the information we receive comes from vision and so small changes in the way things are lit can make big changes to our comfort and how we perceive our environment. 

However, much lighting is designed by electricians who do not fully understand what they are doing and are more concerned about how to fix a number of fittings into a room.  For this reason I have spent a lot of time working with professional bodies such as the Society of Light and Lighting and the Institution of Lighting Professionals working on guidance to help improve things. 

Moreover I have also been working with British Standards to write both UK and International Standards. Whilst it would be foolish to say this work has resulted in good lighting, I like to think that it helps stop some of the bad lighting.

UCL IEDE Director Professor Dejan Mumovic comments on Professor Raynham's promotion:

It’s the time for recognition. Professor Raynham’s dedication to the light and lighting profession, enthusiastic support for initiatives across the Institute, and impact of his research is really inspiring.