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UCL IEDE EngD Researcher co-authors major UK GBC Report 'Delivering Building Performance'

18 May 2016


UCL IEDE EngD Researcher, Chris van Dronkelaar, has co-authored a recent report published by the UK Green Building Council titled 'Delivering Building Performance'. The report is an output from the UK- GBC Task Group that is part of a research project tackling the way industry currently designs, constructs and operates non-domestic buildings. 

As stated in the report’s executive summary the Task Group “has sought to highlight some process improvements that design, construction and property professionals, as well as occupiers, might adopt to deliver buildings which perform more predictably in operation. These findings have been primarily informed by interviews with UK-GBC members, in addition to desk-based research.” 

In the report the group set out five key success factors for achieving reliable building performance throughout the building life cycle:

1 ASPIRATION : Setting a simple target – at the very least for energy (kWh/m2) – helps to create a common language and shared aspirations across the delivery process.

2 CONTROL: Collaborative contracting, with performance guaranteed and control maintained throughout the delivery process helps to ensure predictable outcomes.

3 DESIGN FOR PERFORMANCE: Performance improves when aspirations are not limited to compliance or, in other words, “going for the ceiling, not the floor”.

4 FEEDBACK: Reciprocal links and a commitment to monitor and feedback, particularly during the handover process, is vital. So too is giving time for well documented building commissioning. ‘Links must be made between operational facilities management (FM) and the design team, and between FM and building occupiers.

5 KNOWLEDGE: Improved knowledge, across the whole value chain, supports good outcomes. This is enabled by participating openly in lesson-sharing activities.

The report was presented on the 11th of May by Chris (UCL / BuroHappold) and Julian Sutherland (Cundall) followed by a panel discussion. The UK Green Building Council event was attended by industry experts from all across the building supply chain.

Chris said “If anything, we are trying to push the industry to take an ‘aim for the ceiling, not the floor‘ approach. Moving away from compliance to start delivering reliable building performance.”

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