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UCL IEDE and The Bartlett School of Architecture collaborative project Flood House sets sail

18 May 2016

Flood House, launched in April, is a collaborative project between UCL IEDE Staff members Jonathon Taylor and Rokia Raslan, and Matthew Butcher from The Bartlett School of Architecture.


This mobile prototype structure will be traveling along Thames Estuary for four weeks as part of the Radical Essex project, and  will be moored at sites along the estuary that are prone to flooding. Along with providing an example of new flood-responsive dwellings, it will also be acting as a practical laboratory, monitoring the very particular weather conditions of the Thames Estuary in southeast England. 

The project was funded through an award from the UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment Materialisation Grant Programme which aims to materialise cross-disciplinary research. In addition to contributing to the development of the project, the UCL IEDE team will lead on the development of whole-building simulation models in order to assess the hygrothermal performance of the building materials used in the construction and the ventilation potential for the building. 

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