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CIBSE Technical Symposium 2015 - 'Simple buildings, better buildings?'

7 November 2014

CIBSE Technical Symposium 2015 - 'Simple buildings, better buildings? - 'Delivering performance through engineered solutions'

The CIBSE Technical Symposium 2015, 'Simple buildings, better buildings? - Delivering performance through engineered solutions' will be held on Thursday 16 - Friday 17 April 2015 at University College London.

Chaired by UCL IEDE teaching fellow Professor Tim Dwyer, The fifth Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Technical Symposium aims to encourage the participation of both young and experienced industry practitioners, researchers and building users to share experiences and develop networks. Each year the Symposium visits a different city and in 2015 will be hosted in London by University College London (UCL).

Through papers and presentations on cutting edge research, practical designs and case studies, taken from all corners of the industry, the Symposium aims to address questions such as:

  • Are we making buildings too complex?
  • Might that complexity be holding back lifetime performance?
  • Are modern buildings, with all the range of technologies and controls available to us, too complicated making it difficult to even commission them properly in the first place?

Recognising that system and plant performance is a global issue this CIBSE symposium will give a platform to the latest practice and research from around the world in active and passive building systems that will shape an effective future for the built environment with minimum resource impact. The papers will cover research and development including …

  • Enhanced building engineering solutions through modeling and prediction
  • Innovation in passive and active building systems
  • Design and operation of future cities
  • Improving the operation of the built environment
  • Maintaining and improving legacy building systems
  • The development and impact of benchmarks, standards and regulatory measures
  • Communication, skills and workforce development

The Symposium will run over two days and will include a minimum of 21 presentations together with between six and 12 compendiary presentations, which consist of a 4 minute summary presentation supported by a poster.

For the first time this year a mock arbitration session at the end of day one evening of Thursday (replacing the debate of previous years). The evening reception on day 1 will be held at the top of the Millbank Tower overlooking the River Thames.

The CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group and the CIBSE School Design Group will each have dedicated sessions as will IBPSA.

UCL IEDE links with CIBSE
Falling in the 50th year of environmental design and engineering at The Bartlett, UCL IEDE is pleased to support the CIBSE Symposium 2015. UCL IEDE has long held links with CIBSE, in addition to Professor Tim Dwyer being Chair of CIBSE ASHRAE Group, Peter Raynham UCL IEDE Senior Lecturer, is ex-President of CIBSE's Society of Light and Lighting, Dejan Mumovic, Deputy Director of UCL IEDE is cofounder of the CIBSE School Design Group, and Rokia  Raslan, UCL IEDE Lecturer, is a board member of the Building Simulation Group. In addition, BSEER Director Tadj Oreszczyn is on  the CIBSE Council.