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Climate Resilience and Adaptation

Building climate resilience now could help save us in the future, but it requires considerable planning and investment.

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How can we build resilience as we face the effects of a changing climate?

Globally, we are already experiencing extreme weather events due to climate change. Steps need to be taken to reduce the impact on our communities and infrastructures. At UCL Energy Institute we’re are working with a multitudine of stakeholders by co-designing tools in collaboration to help decision makers understand the impact of climate related disasters at different levels. 

Our climate resilience and adaptation research

Re-Energize DR3

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UK energy could be almost entirely fossil fuel free by 2045, limiting the country’s exposure to volatile global markets that have seen prices surge since the war in Ukraine and boosting energy security according to a new report by UCL Energy Institute researchers.

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Can't go green without blue

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UCL Energy Institute hosted the inaugural lecture of Professor Catalina Spataru online in March 2022, looking at the intersections of the green and blue economy models.

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UCL Energy Institute Director unveils blue-green solutions for climate resilience at COP28

Coast with reef and shoreline

Professor Catalina Spataru spotlights visionary blue-green solutions designed to revolutionise climate resilience and meet net-zero targets

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Climate resilience in teaching

Our research in climate resilience is embedded in our teaching:

PhD climate resilience research

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UCL Energy Institute has numerous tailored research and consultancy relationships with industry and government. We are always eager to discuss with organisations different ways we can work together to solve the challenges they face. If you or your organisation would like to engage us in a partnership or scope opportunities please get in touch at bseer-communications@ucl.ac.uk