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UCL research guiding the global energy transition

UCL research has been at the forefront of innovative and groundbreaking research guiding the global transition away from fossil fuels to a clean energy system

Fossil fuel phase-out is crucial to limit global warming

UCL research is guiding the phase-out of fossil fuels, estimating 60% of oil and gas and 90% of coal reserves need to remain in the ground.

By Dr Steve Pye and Dr James Price

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How shipping can set the course for decarbonisation

UCL research is helping create pathways for green energy to power the global shipping industry.

By Dr Tristan Smith

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New ways to trade green energy


UCL research is addressing how UK homeowners could trade solar electricity using a peer-to-peer system like Airbnb.

By Dr Michael Fell

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Decarbonising London’s social housing

UCL research shows how London’s Islington Council has partnered can decarbonise social housing in pursuit of net zero.

By Dr Steve Evans

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Podcast: Lifting living standards with low emissions

How can low-income countries lift living standards as the world works to reduce global carbon emissions?

With Professor Priti Parikh, Professor Jing Meng and Dr Simon Chin-Yee

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The energy model helping the UK achieve net zero

A UCL energy system model has become a key tool used by the UK Government in the transition to net zero.

By Professor Paul Dodds

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The world is facing a decisive moment in the fight against the climate crisis. At  COP28, global leaders agreed for the first time to “transition away” from fossil fuels as the key driver of carbon emissions and rising global temperatures.

This global energy transition means a radical shift in the way we produce and use energy. UCL research shows that the majority of fossil fuels needs to remain in the ground for us to have any chance of achieving the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, signed in 2015. And that rapid scaling of clean energy technologies is also required to displace fossil fuels, and meet growing demand.

Achieving this energy transition will be complex. Governments and industries need to make sure energy is accessible, affordable and secure for people around the world, while at the same time pursuing collective efforts to cut carbon emissions.

At UCL, we firmly believe this change is possible. Our research and expertise highlight how the global energy transition can be achieved, harnessing the power of collaboration and digital innovation. We are equipping the next generation of leaders to deliver the global energy transition through our education programmes – building future skills across energy technologies, policy, markets and economics.

UCL energy research

Windmill on a hill

Energy Transition and Net Zero

How can society transition towards net zero? To take control of the climate crisis, we need to transition to a net zero society. This means decarbonising our whole energy system, from the way our energy is generated and supplied to how we use it in our daily lives.

Smart metre

Data and Digitalisation

We are unlocking the power of energy data to help us make informed choices in the transition to net zero. Data about how people use energy in their homes can help us identify poor energy performance and analyse the effectiveness of efficiency measures. Big data is also transforming the way in which we understand and plan for the transition to sustainable mobility.

Flooded telephone pole Giovanni Arechavaleta Unsplash

Climate Resilience and Adaptation

Globally, we are already experiencing extreme weather and disasters due to climate change. Steps need to be taken to reduce the impact on our communities and infrastructures. At UCL Energy Institute we’re combining a multitude of methods and tools, to help decision makers understand the impact of climate related disasters.

Celebrating 15 years of the UCL Energy Institute

The UCL Energy Institute is a global hub for energy research, with a rich body of expertise and partnerships across governments and industry. This year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary at the forefront of pioneering research that has significantly advanced our understanding of sustainable energy.

UCL Energy Transition Symposium – 13 June 2024  

Our Energy Transition campaign will culminate in a symposium on June 13th. Join us for a day of impactful discussions with stakeholders from policy, government, industry, and academia, as we chart a course for the future of the global energy transition. Register your interest to be the first to hear more about the event. 

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