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Research centres and projects


The UCL Energy Institute is home to a number of academic centres that conduct world-leading research and teaching.

Current UCL Energy Centres include:

Past centres:


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BLP LCC for sustainability: online toolkit modelling capital costs, operational costs, embodied and running energy costs and CO2 emissions for dwellings

Building and Energy Data Frameworks

CCC – Carbon, Control and Comfort

Consumer Research and Behaviour


Development of the UK TIMES energy system model

EMF 28: The Effects of Technology Choices on EU Climate Policy

Energy Efficiency in the Zambian Copper Industry

Energy use in the UK building stock: new empirically based models

Environmental impacts of innovation

Evaluation of the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme

Flexible research project for the ETI's ESME Model

Hydrogen energy research programme

India’s GHG Emissions Pathways to 2050

Industrial Energy Use from a Bottom-up Perspective

Model to Assess CO2 Emissions of Regional Policy Programmes

Realising Transition Pathways

Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN)

Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL)


Uncertainty in Energy System Modelling

Understanding energy futures for the UK and for Scotland