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Research is the bedrock of UCL Energy Institute. Here you can find out more about the research themes, projects, centres and groups, contributing to our worldwide reputation.

Most energy problems are multidisciplinary in nature, spanning science, engineering and the social sciences. Different approaches are therefore needed to understand and tackle these issues. The UCL Energy Institute's research works to develop a range of tools, models and methods to address the energy challenges facing the world over the next two decades. Below, you will find information about our themes, projects and centres, and models.


Our research is divided into four broad areas. Within these, a number of research groups operate with a more specific focus, hosting researchers from across the College.

Research project directory

The UCL Energy Institute hosts research projects across all of our themes. We are also home to academic centres conducting world-leading research and teaching.

Explore our research projects and centres.

Energy Models

The UCL Energy Institute employs a variety of methods in its research, including data analysis and modelling. Find out more