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Hear what our students and staff say about studying at the UCL Energy Institute for the Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc, Energy Demand Studies MRes and MPhil/PhD programmes.

Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc alumni

Zack Wang
"This multi-disciplinary course provided me a competent knowledge foundation crossing over into the fields of energy, environment, public duty and economic well-being." 
Zak Wang, PhD Student, UCL Energy Institute 

"I have found that my studies at UCL have been tremendously beneficial. Since graduation, I have been working in my home country of Iceland as an energy and environmental consultant. My clients have been power companies, the Icelandic TSO, aluminium smelters and other smaller users and producers of electricity. I have advised on investment in wind-farms, done efficiency analyses of distribution firms, submarine interconnectors, and helped to develop sustainability indicators.  Most recently, I have been involved in transmission system planning for 2017-2018. I am currently assisting data centre investors, by developing business plans and analysing scaling and cooling methods.” 
Jón Skafti Gestsson, EPEE MSc Alumni

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Energy Systems and Data Analytics (ESDA) students

ESDA Students 2019

"I’m very glad and honoured to be part of the first-year young programme. I believe it will become better and better, and I strongly recommend this academic leading ESDA programme to those who are interested in energy and data science!”
YiYi Chen, UCL Energy Systems and Data Analytics Student 2019

"ESDA is a one of kind MSc., it offers the rigorosity of statistics to understand the promise and perils of data analytics and machine learning, while providing you a holistic view of the energy systems: transport, built environment and the electricity system. It is conducted by an interdisciplinary set of lectures from UCL’s Energy Institute and attended by a diverse (and very friendly!) group of students. All of this combined with a solid industry approach to prepare you for the challenges to achieve a sustainable energy future.”
Simon Perez Arango, UCL Energy Systems and Data Analytics Student 2019

PhDs alumni

Mike Fell
“I really enjoyed the PhD experience. It has been a great opportunity to engage deeply with my research subject (which is demand-side response) to learn a lot, and to contribute something too. I’m looking forward to continuing working in related areas in my new role as a research associate at the Centre for Energy Epidemiology based at UCL Energy Institute.” 
Mike Fell, PhD Graduate, UCL Energy Institute. Completed viva January 2016 

"I very much enjoyed doing the PhD, particularly as I had great support in a truly multi-disciplinary environment, and had the freedom to design and develop my own topic. The knowledge and skills that I gained during the PhD were an important part of helping me to put theory into practice through my current position in the Department of Energy and Climate Change." 
Peter Warren, PhD graduate, UCL Energy Institute. Completed viva June 2015

Our supervisors

Catalina Spataru
“Students learn the fundamentals of energy research in the built environment from economic, scientific and social perspectives. This knowledge combines with the different analysis tools to provide the technical background required to undertake research in this challenging multidisciplinary area. Being a good researcher is about more than learning techniques and facts. Transferable skills courses teach key aspects of research; the fundamentals of being a researcher and research communication."
Dr Catalina Spataru, Lecturer in Energy Systems and Networks Course Director, MRes Energy Demand Studies

Neil Strachan
"Our students are core to the activities of the UCL Energy Institute, both in terms of contributing to the research already underway and in building future research capacity here in the UK and around the world. They are our ambassadors and our legacy. They help to drive the direction of energy research and the long-term viability of the Institute and its mission depends on their success." 
Professor Neil Strachan, Director, UCL Energy Institute