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Find out what past and present students from the Energy Systems and Data Analytics MSc have to say about the programme.

Ayrton's experience

Ayrton Bourn

"The course is one of a kind in terms of teaching the core components of data analysis, statistics and energy modelling, but more importantly this is framed within a whole systems approach for the energy sector. I’d recommend it for anyone interested in turning industry’s large volumes of under-utilised data into models and insights that can help further the energy transition.”

Ayrton Bourn, Energy systems and Data Analytics MSc graduate, 2019, PhD Candidate at UCL Energy Institute

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YiYi's experience

ESDA Students 2019
YiYi with her class in 2019


"ESDA is a very informative and interesting MSc programme. During the past one year, I learned statistics and RStudio which is very helpful for data analytics. Using the knowledge and software, for example, we can analyse the historical trends of energy consumption, as well as predict the future energy demand. Meanwhile, the political and economic relevant courses enabled us to be aware of the linkage between these aspects and energy systems.

For people like me who had never been exposed to programming, it’s no need to worry about. Aidan delivered the Energy Data Analytics module very detailed and patient, through the term 1 studying, I can successful use RStudio to build neural network for predicting the future market price. It is worth to mention the energy data analytics module was assessed by groupwork, Aidan divided students from different countries into a group to encourage the exchange and collision of different cultural thoughts, which not only promoted the communication between classmates, but also deepened our friendship. Moreover, the department offers a wealth of elective modules in the term 2, teachers will respect students’ choices and try their best to meet every student’s needs. 

I’m very glad and honoured to be part of the first-year young programme. I believe it will become better and better, and I strongly recommend this academic leading ESDA programme to those who are interested in energy and data science!"

YiYi Chen, UCL Energy Systems and Data Analytics graduate 2019

Simon's experience

"ESDA is a one of kind MSc., it offers the rigour of statistics to understand the promise and perils of data analytics and machine learning, while providing you a holistic view of the energy systems: transport, built environment and the electricity system. It is conducted by an interdisciplinary set of lectures from UCL’s Energy Institute and attended by a diverse (and very friendly!) group of students. All of this combined with a solid industry approach to prepare you for the challenges to achieve a sustainable energy future."

Simon Perez Arango, UCL Energy Systems and Data Analytics Student 2019