UCL Energy Institute


Elusiyan Eludoyin

Thesis title: Rural electrification in Developing Countries: Policy agenda for Sustainability

Primary supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins
Secondary supervisor: Dr Xavier Lemaire

In line with the millennium development goals it is vital that rural electrification works hand in hand with rural development and poverty reduction. There is a growing consensus that long term sustainability of a rural electrification project is dependent on its contribution to income generation and economic productivity of a community. The PhD is focused on how existing approaches to choice of rural electrification delivery models and financing mechanisms can be improved to increase potential for end-user affordability of a project. A method for analyzing affordability patterns for electricity shall be designed and modelled for a rural community in Nigeria using the Long-Range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP) Tool.


Completed a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester in 2009, before going on to obtain a Masters of Science in Environmental Management & Technology from the same University. Commenced my PhD in November 2011.